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In a nutshell

OffshoreMuster introduces a step-change in mustering and evacuation management for offshore platforms thanks to its unique real-time personnel situational awareness features. An emergency response decision support system utilises situational awareness and health-related information of the offshore workers, gathered in real time, to help optimising Health and Safety during operation.


Optimized Components

OffshoreMuster hardware and software optimisation as per customers’ need including features optimisation and manufacturability.

On – Field Validation

Validation and demonstration of OffshoreMuster on an actual oil & rig platform and final adaptation (pre- commercial ready product)

Market Readiness

Market validation, early adopter identification and engagement and final system release

System Certification

Certification process as per ATEX Directive 2014/34/EU and obtain a CE mark for the system

Branding and Promotion

Promotional material and campaigns for raising market awareness and branding


We take extreme pride in the fact that our product is based on award winning technologies.


OffshoreMuster in Action

Follow the developments of OffshoreMuster and the work of our multidisciplinary team of experts and engineers


We are very happy that we are collaborating with leading organizations in the development of such technologies that will revolutionize HSE in the offshore Oil & Gas exploration industry.

Tasos Kounoudes, SignalGeneriX

OPTIONSNET is proud to be part of the OffshoreMuster team and lead the software development activities. Our vision is to deliver a product able to really enhance workers safety in the Oil&Gas Sector.

Yiannis Panaretou, Optionsnet

The CSEM ultra-low power wireless WISENET technology is at the core of the OffshoreMuster system. It proposes an innovative, robust and unobtrusive solution allowing for the GPS-free localisation of people, indoor and outdoor, and for the transmission of health status information. The optimised solution operates the best of ultra low power wireless protocols and system-on-chip technologies in a miniature package.

Philippe Dallemagne, CSEM

Securing recognition and funding though such a competitive program has been a great success for our consortium. Our aim is to offer the world offshore industry a truly innovative technology that empowers and revolutionizes their safety processes, and we anticipate this to be followed by a series of products that will be developed through our cooperation.

Symeon Kassianides, Hyperion Systems Enginnering